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Image Heavy Duty Industrial Foam Cleaner
One Aerosol Does It All
Heavy Duty Industrial Foam Cleaner is a degreaser and cleaner especially for hard to remove grease and soil that is unaffected by other cleaners.  The foam in this product is a concentrated degreaser that clings to the surface.  It does not tear or slide, so you have no extra clean up to do from streaking or dripping.  By the time the foam dissipates, the job is done, therefore freeing you from unwanted labor time.  The high clinging foam provides long-lasting contact, which dissolves difficult wax, ink, oils, dyes, dirt, grease, and carbon, exhaust stains and more.  It has also a pleasant mint fragrance.

Heavy Duty Industrial Cleaner is used for cleaning equipment, machinery, industrial bathhouses, vehicles, offices and much more.

Home Use:

Kitchen - Ovens, Refrigerators, Stove Tops, Walls, Venting Hoods, Grills, Boilers, Microwaves, Ceiling Fans. Bathrooms - Bathroom Tiles, Shower Curtains, Shower Glass Doors & Walls, Lavatory Basins, Lighting Fixtures, Doors, Cabinets. Carpets - Spot Treatments, Base Boards, Odor Control Aids.

Office Use:

All of the Above, Plus Filing Cabinets, Wall Paper, Vinyl Upholstery, Formica Furniture, Vending Machines, Counter Tops, Outer Casing of Computers, Copy Machines, Telephones.


Industrial Plant Use:

Air Filters, Air Planes, Air Conditioning Ducts, Bilges, Concrete, Conveyors, Diesel Power Units, Distilleries (remove whiskey stains from equipment), Engines, Exhaust Stains, Rubber Rollers, Steel Files & Lockers, Walls, Vending Machines, Changers, Flues, Machinery, Motor Parts, Pipes, Plastics, Presses, Rubber Clothing, Welding Equipment, Ice Makers, Hard Hats.

Automotive Use:

Vinyl Roof Tops, Vinyl Upholstery, Canvass Roof Tops, Engines, White Wall Tires, Aluminum Spokes, Exhaust Stains, Sweat Discoloration From Elbow Rests, Carpets, Air Filters.


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Heavy Duty Industrial Foam Cleaner - For your Aerosol Needs